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The cast of 'Stranger Danger!'
Pupils enjoying the play
Ben and Jess have fun - 'Stranger Danger!'
More pupils engaging with 'Stranger Danger!'
Gongo and Ben in 'Stranger Danger!'

Welcome to Engross!

Special Plays for Special Pupils!

Engross Theatre is a professional theatre group with charitable status. We support the education of pupils with autism and learning disabilities through our bespoke animated, slap-stick theatre – learning through fun! Our plays are also suitable for pupils in lower mainstream classes.

Our main aim is to reduce the chances of these pupils becoming marginalised/bullied and to increase their danger awareness, so we have developed plays tackling Personal and Social Skills, Understanding Your Rights, and danger awareness e.g. 'Stranger Danger!'. For specific learning points included, please see our Plays page. Teaching such intangible subjects can be challenging, but we have proven that drama is a powerful medium through which these subjects can be more easily illustrated. See our Testimonials page!

We also offer post-performance workshops, during which the pupils, alongside our actors, improvise their own short scenarios about the subject matter, for example 'Stranger Danger' This is called 'experiential learning'. Then we film the sketches and play them back to the pupils who love seeing themselves 'on the big screen'!

Also included in our portfolio are plays covering The Vikings, The Romans, The Victorians, and Life on the Home Front.

As we are now using devising techniques we can create plays covering most subjects requested!

Funding is sourced so special schools/units receive our valuable resource free of charge! At times when no funding is available, reasonable prices can be negotiated for both mainstream and special schools/provision.

To view performances of our plays and workshops in various schools, please click the YouTube link.

Please visit our Testimonials page to read some wonderful letters of support for Engross Theatre's work!

"Engross Theatre put the message across in a way the pupils can understand and REMEMBER" - Pinewood Special School

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