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Engross News



We were delighted to be able to perform a 'show-piece' play, at Saltersgate school on 2nd May! Special schools and units around Midlothian and some from Edinburgh attended, and also 2 reps from Scottish Autism! Art Link Edinburgh secured the funding for us from Midlothian Autism Strategy and RS MacDonald Charitable Trust. The play illustrated social skills – see Plays page. The feedback was fantastic! See Testimonials page.


Art Link Edinburgh also sourced funding to enable Engross to perform at the Midlothian Autism Event held at Loanhead library on 26th March. Yvonne and Bobby Moore, Engross founders, created and performed in a short piece of theatre highlighting the funnier side of living with autism. It went down a storm!!



We have just had such exciting news! Kara Christine of Art Link Edinburgh has secured funding for Engross to develop and perform two pieces:

1) An entertaining theatre piece for pupils in Midlothian, featuring ‘Gongo’ the alien who comes to earth to be educated by a youngster. Art Link has introduced Engross to the schools group manager for Midlothian schools, (who was very helpful) and will also introduce us Christine Collingwood (Autism Network Scotland) who will promote the piece to other local authority areas.

2) A stand up sketch show for an adult audience looking humorously at the things Bobby and I have learned as parents of an autistic son. Engross will offer the show to other parents through VOCAL’s peer network, and to practitioners through the health and social care partnership. Christine Collingwood (ANS) has offered the network’s support so other local authorities can benefit.

We are very excited about this and can't wait to get started!


Using the funding we received from The Robertson Trust and The Foyle Foundation, we delivered our Stranger Danger! project to two more schools - Pinewood School in West Lothian and Langlee (ASN unit) in The Scottish Borders.

Although the pupils’ needs at these two schools differed vastly, we were able to adapt the workshops and role-play accordingly, to suit their levels.

The testimonials received from both schools were full of praise!! The actual word used from the principal teacher at Pinewood was “Phenomenal”!! It was wonderful to hear from the principal teacher at Pinewood that the pupils had been playing “Stranger Danger” in the playground! A true sign of success!



We have received EXCELLENT NEWS!!

We have received further funding from The Robertson Trust and The Foyle Foundation! Last year we trialled our project tackling Stranger Danger at Pilrig Park school. We performed our plays then delivered workshops which culminated in the pupils devising their own short scenarios which were then filmed. It was a huge success! This funding allows us to deliver this project to two more schools!!



Another huge success!! Through rehearsals, the directors and actors worked collaboratively, using devising techniques, to create our new play, Stranger Danger! We performed it to two separate groups of pupils with varying degrees of need at Pilrig Park special school. Engross then returned to Pilrig Park and delivered workshops to these two separate groups of pupils. Firstly, we used ice-breaker techniques to focus the pupils’ attention and increase their confidence, thus encouraging participation. Then the pupils, alongside the actors, improvised their own short scenarios about Stranger Danger. These scenes were filmed and given to the school for them to use as a learning tool after we left. The pupils had an absolute ball! As you can read in this testimonial written by the PSE teacher at Pilrig Park, this project was a huge success! It was incredibly rewarding watching the pupils using role play to learn about Stranger Danger. We could actually witness the pupils’ progress from week to week – amazing!


Engross Theatre has been successful in securing funding again from 'Awards For All' Scotland!! This allows us to deliver our workshop-based project to Pilrig Park school! During the course of the workshops, the pupils will devise and perform in their own short sketches illustrating their understanding of topics such as stranger danger and cyberbullying. These sketches will ultimately be filmed. The pupils are going to love seeing themselves on 'the big screen' so to speak!!! We will be starting our new project after the school summer holidays. Very exciting!



We were busy developing, rehearsing and touring our new trilogy 'We Know Our Rights!' round six special schools! The feedback has been tremendous! ! See our Testimonials page to read these excellent reviews!


We are very excited to announce that Engross Theatre has been nominated for a Scottish Charity Award! The finalists are invited to The Scottish Charity Awards Ball on 5th June. Fingers crossed!


Engross has been successful, for the second time, in securing funding from The Robertson Trust. This, together with the grant received from Awards For All, means we can develop our new trilogy, “We Know Our Rights” and tour it to SIX schools this spring!!

We are over the moon and can’t wait to get started!