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Thank You card from a happy pupil
Thankyou card from a happy pupil
Thank You card from a happy pupil
Thank You card from a happy pupil
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Workshop Testimonials

Link to PDF of testimonials from Pinewood School
Pinewood School
Link to PDF of letter from Langlees School
Langlees Support Centre
Link to PDF of letter from Pilrig Park School
Pilrig Park School

Performance Testimonials

Link to PDF of letter from Redhall School
Redhall School
Link to PDF of letter from Pilrig Park School
Pilrig Park
Link to PDF of letter from Pab Roberts
An Actor Writes

"I have had a 3-year relationship with/experience of Engross Theatre. Their enthusiasm, expertise, knowledge and dedication are wonderful. Pilrig Park has been so lucky to have had many productions over the last 3 years. When developing a new play, they are great at incorporating ideas/suggestions from the schools. They know our pupils so well. They are a very vital partner in our school life. I am retiring in the summer, but will ensure that the school keep this wonderful connection going. A very professional group with a real caring enthusiasm for their work."
- Sheila Hastie, Pilrig Park School, June 2012

Gongo Learns The Rules!

The feedback was excellent!

Comments on forms include:

“One of the best things in our school!” - Teacher from Saltersgate

“Good way of explaining social rules” - Scottish Autism

“It was at a good pace for the young people to understand and take part” - Teacher from Pilrig Park

“Very much fun and engaging for pupils” - Scottish Autism

“Loved the songs! The actors were so good at dealing with the audience!” - Teacher from Kaimes

“They smiled, and clapped and interacted” - Teacher from Kaimes

“They were focussed throughout, they were seniors (in Secondary) but they were captivated.” - Teacher from Kaimes

SPRING 2014 'We Know Our Rights!' Tour

“An excellent production as always!”

“The learning points can be reinforced by staff by referring back to the play”

“Pitched at our pupils correctly.”

“Some pupils who have short attention spans were totally absorbed for the duration of the show”

“Content & presentation were ideal for our pupils and they thoroughly enjoyed the interactive pieces”

“All round excellent”

“I would really like the theatre group to come back, as I feel it is very beneficial and works well with the Curriculum For Excellence” - Pitreavie Primary

Feedback From Previous Performances

“They (actors), really engaged all our children, even the ones who find sitting for extended periods challenging." - Redhall Special School

“The plays are easy to follow and understand. They engage with the children well through laughter and animation. The themes are meaningful and come across well" - Redhall Special School

“language was simple and easy to understand, the children understood the play well" - Redhall Special School

“The message was presented with humour and excellent use of character. The sound FX also added greatly to the effect" - Redhall Special School

“The pupils actively engaged with this experience. They were also able to understand and take away the messages" - Redhall Special School

“This was a very enjoyable experience for BOTH staff and pupils!!" - Redhall Special School

“Excellent topic. My class were engaged all the way through and their faces were a delight! We are already shaking hands!" - Braidburn Special School

“Great social messages put across at an easy level" - Braidburn Special School

“The children really enjoyed it and it’s getting a message across in a way the children understand" - Braidburn Special School

“All of our pupils have complex learning needs, but they really engaged with the performers" - Ross High School (complex needs unit)

“Topic, language, length all appropriate" - Ross High School (complex needs unit)

“Engaging/motivating,clear message given" - Ross High School (complex needs unit)

“Excellent performance" - Ross High School (complex needs unit)

"Engross absolutely deliver every time!" - Senior teacher, Pilrig Park School

"Engross Theatre put the message across in a way the pupils can understand and REMEMBER" - Pinewood Special School

"P.S.E. is an on-going topic, so it is good to be able to refer back to your plays and ask 'what would Gongo do?'" - Kaimes School

"The pupils all remember the performances days/weeks after they have seen it" - Teacher, Pinewood School

"It is a fun and engaging way to learn about social rules and expectations." - Kaimes school

"VERY professionally done" - Teacher, Pinewood School

Response from pupils when asked if they would like another visit from Engross, "Yes, because, they are funny, interesting, and we learned about good manners" - Pupils at Pinewood School

, re. Happy Birthday Gongo!

"Pupils, of all ages from 5 to 14, were actively engaged throughout the performance" - Kaimes school

"Pupils were actively engaged, with the story and actors, throughout the whole performance" - Teacher, Pinewood School

"It was very funny and covered many of the manner points that we try to instill. I could tell by the audience reaction that they were enjoying it very much. It was great how involved and attentive certain more "challenging members of our community" were. Another huge success for Engross!" - Senior teacher, Pilrig Park school

"The repetitive nature of the language helps to re-inforce the concepts" - Kaimes school

"Another great show. Thought the actors were terrific. Liked the clever use of the screen in the 'chase' scenes. The script was excellent. Feedback from pupils was very positive and they have grasped the learning points." - Pilrig Park school re. Gongo Says – Be Nice (anti-bullying play)

"The children love any opportunity to sing and thoroughly enjoyed the humour of the play" - Kaimes school

"The acting was of a very high standard" - Teacher, Pilrig Park School

The kids were definitely more engaged with the (Archaeology Scotland work-shop) activities after watching your play! It was interesting for me to see the difference made by repeating the same concepts! I had a great time too - such lovely pupils - I thought the performance was brilliant! I can't believe how much atmosphere you created in such a small space! - Ruth Bordoli, Outreach Officer, Archaeology Scotland

"Spot-on!" - Senior teacher, Pilrig Park School

"The pupils were taken by the costumes" - Teacher, Pilrig Park School

"This is a very worthwhile and valuable asset we have in Engross Theatre. I admire the dedication that Yvonne & Bobby display...it is great that they have recognised that Special Needs schools gain so much from such a performance...High standard of writing and acting...Clever use of techniques to involve everyone...It was good for them to see History can be fun - a great way to assimilate knowledge...They enjoyed the interaction and participation aspects" - Senior teacher, Pilrig Park School

"Engross Theatre know our pupils so well now - what works and how to involve them to the full! It was amazing! It was also amazing that Engross were able to bring Archaeology Scotland for a wonderful session after the play - wonderful service from both groups!" - Senior teacher, Pilrig Park School

"It's great for our students to experience, manageable, age appropriate theatre that isn't too long. Having plays in school is easier for us, as pupils can withdraw if they aren't coping (often difficult in theatre situations)" - St. Crispin's School

"students enjoyed joining in with the action..."- St. Crispin's School

"It was great to have the follow-up work-shop from Archaeology Scotland straight after the play. This really helped........and reinforced their learning"- St. Crispin's School

"Thank you - we really enjoyed the play! Hope you will want to visit us again!"- St. Crispin's School

"Excellent level of production..." - Principal teacher, Saltersgate School

"Engross are excellent...they hit just the right level for our pupils...they loved the opportunities to participate..." - Principal Teacher, Saltersgate School

"really enjoyed it and the kids certainly did. Makes history lessons so much fun!" - Saltersgate School

"The best play I have seen in my 22 years at this school!"- Saltersgate School

Further Feedback from Pilrig Park School

"Pupils were completely captivated by the performance and were able to learn without feeling they were in a class situation. They thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience...the acting was excellent and fully engrossed the pupils...this ties in well with their Scottish History lessons" - Acting Depute Head, Pilrig Park School

"Engross Theatre Group are fabulous with the pupils - a lovely buzz and atmosphere round the entire production and visit" - Pilrig Park School

"They loved the audience interaction and the comedy. They also enjoyed the Q & A session, and found the 'Artifact' 'box very interesting." - Pilrig Park School

"The pupils really enjoyed the play, and it was a fun way for them to learn history" - Pilrig Park School

"Pupils responded well to interactive tasks and summative questions" - Pilrig Park School

"Engross obviously researched the ability of our pupils level of understanding...therefore it was pitched at the correct level" - Teacher, Pilrig Park School

"I was pleasantly surprised how well the pupils answered questions so they certainly got a lot out of the production.....Staff enjoyed it too!" - Acting Principal Teacher, Pilrig Park

"tremendous performance..." - teacher, Pilrig Park School

"it held the attention of all age and ability groups..." - Teacher, Pilrig Park School

"great production. Kids loved it!" - Teacher, Pilrig Park School

"It is a great medium for learning and so much fun!" - Pilrig Park School

Further Feedback from Redhall School

“The group’s approach was very well suited to the needs of our pupils" - Redhall Special School

“Very personable and friendly / children loved it!" - Redhall Special School

“Very good programme – children enjoyed it a lot" - Redhall Special School